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Systems YOU Need as an Information Marketer

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To be an effective and successful info marketer, you need to have a number of systems in place. This article is all about which systems you need, what they do and where you can get them. I apologize in advance if some of this sounds self serving.

Since I’ve been marketing and selling info products for a long time, the systems that I felt were essential, I got involved in promoting. Most of them are items that I have affiliate links set up for. So, when you follow one of my suggestions and purchase something, I will receive a commission.

That being the case, let me ASSURE you of two things. First, you will NOT be paying anymore for the service. My commission is generated by the sellers of the products and services I recommend. The money will NOT come out of YOUR pocket. Also, l would NOT suggest you purchase something JUST to make me money. That would be a STUPID short term strategy and I don’t operate that way.

So, with those caveats, here we go!

1. Back Office Online System

By this I mean an integrated system that takes orders, processes credit cards, maintains your database, allows you to create auto-responders, tracks your ads, allows you to do spit testing and a WHOLE LOT MORE.

This system is Cool Cart Tool. I own a private label license to this software. I have used it for close to 10 years. It is the BEST piece of INTEGRATED software you can find. There may be some systems out there with better individual elements, but this is the best ONE STOP SOLUTION.

As an information marketer, you must have it. Find it at:

2. Domain Name Registration System

If you are serious about marketing and selling information products, you’ll need to have one place where you register your domain names. I screwed this up many years ago. I was using 3 different places to register my domains. One of them had an old email address. As a result, I never got the renewal notice for a particular domain. The sad part was I had paid $1,000 for the domain name. Gone forever.

Reserve all your domain names with ONE provider. This will prevent you from having a nightmare occur like what happened to me. Trust me, you’ll want to shoot yourself if this ever happens to you.

I suggest you use Cool Domain Tool. IF you see yourself as reserving and holding more than 50 domains, I would suggest you use This will allow to you to resell domains to yourself, allowing you to give yourself a commission on any domain you buy.

A good domain name is critical to your success if you sell information products. Given that you may be buying a lot of them, getting the best price and best service is critical to your success.

3. Setting Up Your Websites

If you follow my advice, you’ll end up with numerous websites. Each having a distinctly different purpose. Rather than spend a lot of money on Web designers, I suggest you use WordPress as the platform for all of your sites. This FREE program along with a nice looking template (many of which are free) can produce very professional looking sites. This one that you’re on is a perfect example.

To get WordPress, go to Do NOT go to or use You want to host the site yourself. You do not want to have your site hosted by someone else. PLEASE don’t make this mistake.

If you need help in the technology area, feel free to contact my good buddy, Dave Hamilton. He bills himself as the Web Marketing Magician. You can find him at

4. Hosting Your WordPress Website

Before you set up your site, you’ll need to get hosting. There are a lot of places that offer you hosting. The reason why I’ll recommend this one is that any and all training materials I produce use this company. What does that mean to you? You’ll be able to get advice and training from me for FREE . . . . IF you use the same system I do.

You can get started with this hosting company by going to I have used them for a while and feel that they are both reasonably priced and provide great service.

You’ll want to also look at:

5. Video Email Account

I have become a convert to Video email. Not only will it increase your closing rates, it will also provide you with a number of other key functions as an information marketer. You can get an account for as little as $10 a month by going to:

6. Membership Site Software

Want to protect certain pages on your site? This piece of software is perfectly designed to help you do just that. The group behind this great piece of software is working with me on my sites to create protected pages and other great features that I’ll be using on this and other sites. Find them at:

7. Keep an Eye on Your Competition

It’s always a wise idea to know what your competition is doing. This program will allow you to more closely monitor the most important things you NEED to know about your competitors. Watching them will give you plenty of great ideas about what YOU need to do to make the most money from your information marketing business. Find them at:

There you have it. These are the basic systems you need to get your information marketing business going and keep it going long term.

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