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The “Chicken Soup Syndrome” When Writing Books

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As someone who sells info products, you should be writing books in your field. Preferably LOTS of them! I got started late in the book writing area and it has hurt me a great deal. I also do a lot of reading. Anyone in the information marketing field SHOULD.

I have NOT, however, even read a single story out of any of the Chicken Soup books. I give Mark and Jack high marks for turning the publishing world on it’s head and selling a gazillion books with a great concept and great marketing. Unfortunately, that KIND of book doesn’t work for me. I’m NOT their market.

So, what about the REST of us who can’t STAND to listen to yet another sappy story about someone overcoming the odds? What do we get. For the most part, NADA!

I think there is a HUGE untapped market for people like me who read business books. I am NOT talking about fiction as the rest of this post will clearly reveal. For someone like me, and I’m sure there are MANY like me, all I want is the MEAT of any concept or idea. I’m like Joe Friday, all I want are the facts. JUST the facts. No stories please!

I spend a lot of time reading various business how-to books where I have to WADE through (skimming as fast as I can) a load of stories to get to the MEAT of the matter. I keep a highlighter or pen handy and mark the places where TRUE CONTENT is being given. I then go back and compile that information into my own “book report.”

You may be saying: “BUT I LIKE THE STORIES!” Great. You’re not like me. But, there are plenty of people LIKE me out there. AND, you had better try and understand how they think if you’re in the business of selling information products.

I actually think that the percentage of people consuming HOW-TO info products who would prefer to receive information MY WAY, would be MUCH higher than the general public. I don’t know the exact numbers, but it would be MANY.

That being the case, I would encourage YOU to keep that in mind when you write a book (or ebook) or create any kind of info product.

IF you decide that your market really wants Chicken-Soupy Style (my new term along with the title of this article – and remember you saw it HERE first) then do as I suggest here. Go ahead and create the standard story telling version of your material as publishers are no doubt inclined to coerce you to do. BUT, put a summary at the end of each chapter for people of my ilk who want the Joe Friday version.

This way, you can make everyone happy!

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This 2 day program shows you everything you need to know about starting and building a successful info products business. Nothing is left to chance.

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