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I just left a little strip mall near my house in Vegas. The BIGGEST section of the mall is now vacant. Blockbuster closed their doors and moved out about 3 weeks ago. They took up over 25% of the entire strip mall. If you’re in the field of information marketing, you need to understand WHY this is important.

First off, the commercial real estate market is next to collapse! But, I’m not a financial prognosticator, I’m an information marketer! There are at least two points for us!

First, video is now starting to be delivered over the web. It’s now TIPPED. I’ve been talking about it for the past 3 years. The “future” is now here. Netflix just signed a deal to distribute films from another 3 or 4 major studios.

BTW, if you don’t have a Neflix membership and a Roku, you need to get both. FAST!

Entertainment always leads the way in the technology field. So when just about everyone I know has a Netflix account, I KNOW that I should be delivering MY video content in a similar fashion. I’m doing that already.

YOU should be too!

The second point is this. Revenue sharing is a wise idea.

Let’s say the strip mall owner decided he was willing to make SOME money instead of NO money for the now vacant space Blockbuster once occupied. One way would be to find someone to rent who would be willing to SPLIT revenue rather than paying a flat fee for rent.

For the renter, this would make their rent a VARIABLE cost. And, the strip mall owner? They at least make SOME revenue. Rather than having no revenue coming in at least they can do a DEAL where they SPLIT some money.

As an information marketer, you need to think in a similar manner. Generate money by looking for partners who are willing to do deals. It will also behoove you to look for affiliate relationships where you can make money promoting products and services you believe in.

For me this means things like: CoolVideoTool, WebMarketingMagic, UltraCheapDomains and a few others.

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