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When your’e in information marketing, you need to stay MOTIVATED. There’s a LOT to do. I’m writing this post while watching the US Open Tennis Finals. Nadal is playing Djokovic. The infamous John McEnroe is in the announcer’s booth.

In the commentary McEnroe is giving, he is talking about what Jimmy Connors had to say about Nadal. Connors says that Nadal “PLAYS LIKE HE’S BROKE!”

What a great line.

Even though Nadal is the NUMBER ONE player in the world, he plays like he needs to win in order to be able to pay his rent. He ALWAYS plays like it will determine whether or not he’ll eat that night.

To be successful in this business, you need the same approach.

The DISTORTED promises you’ve heard from so many “gurus” are WRONG. There is still no free lunch. If you want to succeed in this or any business I suggest you watch Rafa Nadal play tennis. He really does play like he’s broke.

I’ve never met the guy but SO many people say what a nice guy he is. In interviews he sure seems like it. BUT, when he’s on the court, he’s ALL business. The look in his eyes tells you he wants to win. Kinda like the OLD Tiger Woods.

Treat the information marketing business like a GAME. Play it to win. Play it hard. Play it LIKE YOU’RE BROKE!

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