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Which Membership Site Software is BEST?

Information Marketing

Being in the info products business, I see a lot of different software products. There have been a slew of membership site software products produced over the years. Some of them extremely expensive, others VERY cheap.

Whenever I assess software for myself, I always look for VALUE for the DOLLAR.

I don’t ming paying a bit more if I GET MORE.

Another component of my choosing which piece of software to use has to do with the people behind the product. This MUST and SHOULD be factored in when making YOUR decision on which membership site software to use.

If you’re an information marketer, WHETHER or not you need a system to protect your content isn’t at issue. YOU MUST. The question now is: Which to use and WHY?

Many years ago I tried to develop my OWN software. The only problem was that I trusted someone who CLAIMED they knew how to do this. I was wrong. My fiance at the time took a look at the code that had been written and said: “You don’t intend to SELL this, do you?” I said: “Yes. In addition to using it myself I intend to sell it to others when it’s complete. Her response? SILENCE.

She went to M.I.T. and studied Computer Science for her Masters Degree. I went to the University of Florida and studied marketing and psychology. Whose opinion should carry more weight? That’s a NO-BRAINER!

So, I ended up scrapping my plans and looking for off the shelf software to protect my content. I THOUGHT I had found the right system until I found the folks at: And YES, it is an affiliate link! I should at least recover some of the tens of thousands of dollars I spent to develop my own software which NEVER worked!

I also like the people behind this product. I’ve met them over the phone and like them a lot. They are real, and honestly concerned about producing and supporting a product that will truly work for people. We’ll be doing a seminar together sometime right after the end of the year. Look for that one!

For now, click on this LINK to see how it works and ways in which YOU can use it in your business. I look forward to hearing your comments.

Information Marketing

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