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Who do YOU “Listen to” in the Information Marketing Field?

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One of the biggest problem in the field of information marketing, or any field for that matter, is trying to figure out WHO to listen to. There are a lot of folks CLAIMING to be able to teach you about various aspects of this field.

Who do you trust? Who should you spend your time and money with?

If you make a mistake in this area, you could be many thousands of dollars LIGHTER in your wallet with NOTHING to show for it.

Here’s a recent story to illustrate.

I had a guy call me not long ago. I took his call because he had first emailed me to set up a time to speak. He appeared serious and I got a good FEEL for him and his nature.

He starts the conversation by saying: “Over the past 18 months I have spent over $11,000 on various gurus in the field trying to get my business going. I am now out of cash and I have NOTHING to show for it. Nothing.”

His voice was sad. He sounded like a BEATEN man. I sympathized and told him that I had heard the story NUMEROUS times before. Let me be brutally honest. There are a LOT of crooks in the business of “teaching” people how to market and sell info products.

I would LOVE to give you a list of people to avoid. Unfortunately, my lawyer will not let me do so. You have NO idea how frustrating this is to me. This doesn’t mean that EVERYONE out there is dishonest. BUT, I would have to say the number of people that I can TRUST to recommend to my clients can be counted on ONE HAND!

So what do YOU do? How do YOU decide who to trust? How do you make the RIGHT decision on who to select for a coach or mentor in the field of selling info products?

Here are some very important points to remember:

1. Ask to speak to current or past clients. If the person who you are considering working with won’t give you any names, then forget it. Don’t spend a dime with them.

2. Go online and Google their name. See how much BAD vs. GOOD information you find. If you find a few negative comments about someone, don’t rule them out. There are people who because of some experience will bitch about you and what you do. I had someone UNJUSTLY accuse me of something not long ago.

She was a SLEAZEBALL! I’m sure she’s written something, somewhere about her experience. Unfortunately, I can’t rebut comments that I haven’t seen or read.

That being said, the PREPONDERANCE of evidence should be GOOD. If you see more negative comments than positive ones, I’d RUN in the opposite direction.

MY reputation is the single biggest asset that I have. I guard it carefully because I don’t wan the majority of people bad-mouthing me. There may be a lot of grumbling about me, but NO ONE can LEGITIMATELY question my integrity in this field.

3. What does your GUT tell you?

When you talk to the person, or read their website or blog, what FEEL do you get? You can’t ALWAYS trust your feelings, but I would certainly CONSIDER them. If something doesn’t feel right, it’s probably because it’s NOT right.

4. Are their claims OUTRAGEOUS?

All of us would LOVE to hit the lottery jackpot. It would be nice to get a check presented to you for $8 million next week, wouldn’t it? Unfortunately, the chances are VERY low. It’s true in the information marketing business as well. Anyone making claims that you can get rich overnight are LYING. Avoid them. Don’t be fooled like my buddy who has spend over $10K on pipe dreams!

5. Try some of their inexpensive materials first.

Before you invest BIG BUCKS with anyone who claims to be an expert in the field of information marketing, buy some of their less expensive products. If they don’t have any, I’d be suspicious. Before I spend my hard earned money on anything or anyone, I’d want to sample what they do and how they do it.

If you don’t feel like you got TEN TIMES what you were asked to pay in VALUE when you buy from them, don’t buy anything else.

Frequently, unscrupulous operators will sell you product “X” that can only truly be implemented if you then buy products “Y” and “Z”. Don’t fall for this Ponzi scheme. This is a Mini-Maddoff situation. Not to mock the severity of what Bernie Madoff did to thousands of people, but for YOU, the money you put out, may be your LAST ditch effort to make something happen online.

6. Does the person DO what they TEACH?

You don’t want to deal with anyone who teaches something but doesn’t do it themselves. I make NO claims to be the TOP seller of information marketing on the planet. The claim I DO make is that I TEACH it BETTER than anyone else out there.

This has to do with having a system that’s been tested and works, AND, knowing how to teach. VERY few information marketers have any clue as to how to teach. Or at least, how to do it RIGHT.

7. Ask, Ask, Ask!

When you are considering listening to some SUPPOSED expert, don’t rely on THEIR results. I don’t care if Mr. X has made $20 million in the field of info marketing. That has NO effect on me and my life. What I DO care about is whether you have been able to TRANSFER your skills and knowledge to others who want to LEARN how to do this.

The only way to find this out is to ask people. Bring up the person’s name with any and everyone you find. See what they say. Are the bulk of comments positive? Listen to what you hear and don’t be fooled by fancy and NON VERIFIABLE income claims.

I have made a LOT of enemies in this field. Why? Because I won’t “play the game.” You know the game if you’re on a few lists. You will RARELY see my name associated with the big PRODUCT LAUNCHES. Many of which are complete SCAMFESTS.

There exists a group of information marketers who have an informal (and sometimes formal) agreement to promote each other’s products without even verifying their veracity.

So, there you have it. This is what you MUST do before making YOUR choice of whom to trust and whom to believe in this field!

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4 Responses to “Who do YOU “Listen to” in the Information Marketing Field?”

  1. John La Tourrette, PhD on January 16th, 2011 2:57 am


    Hi Fred,

    I do appreciate this step,

    “5. Try some of their inexpensive materials first.”

    Especially the word “try”, but from the meaning of “doing the steps until the results are in”.

    And because you are successful, there’s always a few that will complain because of their own lack of effort, lack of ability or lack of experience.

    So they think inside their heads, “you must be a thief”, which is just one symptom of their own limitations.

    I’ve been “selling” information of one type or another for a long time, and it’s amazing how many will buy materials, and then literally “DO NOTHING!”

    I’m sure you have also dealt with that type of client.

    Then there are the other ones that will actually follow the steps and get somewhere.

    Will they immediately be real successful?

    Probably not.

    But they will get the experiences through the “doing” that will allow them to more easily calibrate a pathway to success.

    One of my students was having a bit of problems, so I looked at her ad copy…then I had her adjust it a tiny, bit, which took 10 minutes.

    She took action, and did it to the best of her abilities, that evening.

    She went to bed and woke up with money in that account. Which is cool.

    She finally got the concept behind “fresh hot pizza in 20 minutes or less, guaranteed!”

    Now if she’d just fix the perceived value of the offer, the immediate call to action and the guarantee, she’d have a winner.

    People normally have trouble processing the “big picture” and then the specific tactics in their niche that will get them where they want to go.

    I know I did.

    And it’s still sometimes difficult for me to step back and notice where my actions might or might not take me.


  2. Fred Gleeck on January 16th, 2011 8:31 pm

    John, thanks for the reply. I still DO believe that there are SOME people who teach who are less than honorable. And there are also people who buy information who expect results to magically appear. The KEY to me is finding people who are REAL and provide REAL solutions. Many information marketers are simply CON ARTISTS. Clever con artists. The problem for the NEWBIE is sorting the wheat from the chaff.

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