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Why EVERY Info Marketer Should Have Netflix

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It’s exciting being an information marketer. I’m home again on a Friday night. Rather than bitch and complain, I just turned on the TV and launched my ROKU box. The Roku allows me to enjoy my $9.95 monthly Netflix membership directly on my bedroom television.

Netflix allows you to watch THOUSANDS of shows INSTANTLY. A number of films and shows are NOT available for instant viewing, but I rarely go that route anymore. I think I have a DVD I got close to a year ago, that I haven’t returned. If it’s not instantly available, I’ll find something that is.

Tonight I watched a couple of full length documentaries. Neither of them had anything directly to do with the information marketing business. BUT, while watching the two shows, I got a bunch of GREAT ideas. This is one of the things I never understood. Some people never read or watch anything unless it’s related to business.


Not only is it boring, but I think you get some great BUSINESS ideas when watching NON business shows or films. In fact, I think you get some interesting ideas you wouldn’t have come up with watching or reading the “traditional” business STUFF.

I still can’t believe they charge less than $10 a month for this amazing service. PLEASE don’t tell them. I don’t want them to increase the prices.

If you want to get some great ideas in your niche, get a NETFLIX membership. Not only that, but watch things you wouldn’t NORMALLY watch every so often. You’ll find that the ideas you get will be DIFFERENT than when you read the standard stuff.

In addition to your NETFLIX membership, pick up and read some magazines you wouldn’t NORMALLY read. Again, you’ll get ideas. Ideas that you wouldn’t typically get from your traditional reading.

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