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Why EVERY Information Marketer Should WATCH YouTube Videos

Information Marketing

If you’re in the business of selling information products, you need to listen up. I just got finished watching a segment on Jimmy Fallon. In the segment he showed a YouTube video of a guy’s roommate laughing his a** off.

It was really funny. The video had not been produced by a major production company. The guy who shot it didn’t know BUPKUS about lighting. Yet, the clip WORKED!


Because it was REAL! It’s what people out there are CRAVING right now. From marketers. From politicians. From EVERYONE.

People are sick of PLASTIC B.S. They want funny that is REAL. They want serious that is REAL. They just plain want REAL!!

What does that mean to you in your niche market? It means that everything that you do should be real. Real writing. Real products. Real video. Real everything. Period.

Does this mean you can’t SELL? Absolutely not. BUT, you have to sell without sounding like the local USED CAR guy on late night TV. Or, in this industry, the latest person to go through a seminar on how to sell products from the platform by delivering NO CONTENT.

People are WISING UP. They are sick of the fake nonsense that most info marketers are doling out. They got sick of it FIRST with politicians. Then, as the economy got worse, they started GENERALIZING this attitude to EVERYONE who was asking for their money.

Don’t kid yourself. People are still giving REAL people money. They are just being very careful before they do so.

Wanna get some of that?

Then change your approach. Make it REAL. Give people the real scoop. Don’t try and snow them. Tell them what you CAN’T do. Tell them what you can do. Tell them the truth. Surprisingly, this approach is working very well for me and a number of my colleagues.

Again, this doesn’t mean you can’t sell aggressively. It means that you have to sell using a different STRATEGY.

So many of the copywriters out there who used to be able to sell with the HYPEY copy are finding that it doesn’t work anymore. PRECISELY for the reasons I’ve listed above.

See you in the REAL ZONE!

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