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Why I’m Buying a Kindle and NOT an Ipad

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For years I was the only “well known” information marketer who had a MAC. I used to get a lot of grief. Now, all of the OTHER folks are following suit and following my lead. Nice. Too bad I didn’t buy stock when I bought my first Apple computer. Don’t remind me!

So, as an obvious Apple devotee, why am I am about to take delivery (hopefully tomorrow) of my new Kindle? Seems odd for a MAC guy, right?

Not really. Here are my reasons.

First, I already have a nice Macbook Pro. I use this computer even at home. Unless I’m working on editing videos, I sit the notebook on my lap, like I am now and use it. My desktop is used for video editing for the most part. So, I really don’t need the functions that the Ipad has OTHER than the ebook reader.

Given that I would only be using the Ipad for reading ebooks, for the most part, it seems like overkill.

I do a lot of reading. It’s very easy for me to justify having a separate device JUST for reading. It is lighter and more compact than the Ipad. I can easily see traveling with both my MacBook Pro AND the new Kindle. I could NOT see traveling with both my Ipad AND the notebook.

Here’s my plan. IF I ever do get an Ipad, I will buy one AFTER it has a good camera on it. This will allow me to use Ichat when I travel. IF they do that, I MIGHT not bring my Laptop on short trips. And, if I get an Ipad, I will have to get an external keyboard as I would hate having to type on, what is essentially, a large Iphone screen. I know I wouldn’t like it.

So for information marketers, why is this information important?

I see the need for you to take any and every book that you have and create a Kindle version of it. It’s probably wise to ALSO create an Ipad version, but I wouldn’t make it AS high a priority as the Kindle one.

There you have it! What do YOU think? Ideas? Comments? Suggestions??

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3 Responses to “Why I’m Buying a Kindle and NOT an Ipad”

  1. Charles Dobens on September 8th, 2010 10:26 am

    But Fred, what if you are new to the Mac world and don’t own any Mac devices yet. Wouldn’t I be better off to get an Ipad for starters and use that as my reader as well?

  2. Fred Gleeck on September 8th, 2010 11:32 am

    Charles, good question. It would depend on a number of factors, including if you intend to do a lot of typing on the device. IF you are JUST looking for a book reader, I’d go with the Kindle. As a big MAC-HEAD, I always encourage people to get Apple products. My other suggestion would be to go into an Apple Store. Ask LOTS of questions and then make a decision. Tell me what happens!!

  3. Charles Dobens on September 9th, 2010 7:18 pm

    Thanks Fred. Will do.

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