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Information Product Marketing Success

Information Marketing

What constitutes success to YOU as an information product marketer? For everyone it’s different. Understanding this is a key element to your success. Whenever someone contacts me to get me to do a joint venture with them, their email always highlights how much money I can make selling their info products. One problem. That’s not my single biggest hot button. I believe that Information product marketing success is much more about the BIG PICTURE.

Are you living your life the way YOU want to live it?

Is it all about the money?

Are info products and information marketing the only thing that you live for? Certainly not me. As much as I love info products and selling info, I also have more to my life. I like to read and watch movies. But I also try and turn my hobbies and other interests into info products. What a way to make a living. Doing what you LOVE to do. 

Hard for me to imagine living my life differently. Take your life and turn it into an information marketing launching pad.

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Information Marketing

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