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Just because you have or have created an information product doesn’t mean it’s going to sell. Once it’s done you have to concentrate on how to market your information products. Without marketing, you won’t make any money.

The BIG question is HOW?

The answer is it DEPENDS on what you’re selling AND your own skill sets. Different types of information products will require different types of marketing.

You’ll also NOT want to concentrate on those methods of marketing that are uncomfortable or don’t come easy to you.

There are basically two types of ways to market information products: PAID and UNPAID.

Paid marketing techniques include using Google Adwords and other forms of pay per click advertising.

Unpaid marketing for your information products include writing articles, blogging and giving speeches and seminars.

If you’re not the type to enjoy public speaking then the last two mentioned above probably won’t work for you. 

As you accumulate all the possible methods of marketing for your information products, you’ll want to concentrate your efforts where there is a fit between what will work and what works for YOU.

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