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There are a lot of people, like me, who create info products for others to sell. This being the case, you can legitimately call me and the others who do this SUPPLIERS. I have no problem with someone using this term for me. I’m sure that many of my information marketing colleagues wouldn’t care either.

As someone who creates a lot of info products, I try and make my products great. I also try and make them easy for others to sell. How? By making sure that the products I create are simple and easy to follow for those who buy them. Also, I try to price them so that they are attractive to those who would consider selling them.

In my case, I do quite a bit of licensing. There are two sides to those of us who supply information products to others. One is the product itself and the other is the pricing of those same products. I like to offer those who buy my products three different types of licensing options.

All of them are valid options. I’ll talk about licensing in another post. For now, let’s talk about the product itself and pricing in general terms. People who don’t produce products themselves are always excited to find great products to sell to their own lists. These are products that give the users a very specific blueprint on how to do something.

People who buy info products from people like me are very interested in what the key metrics are. The first and most critical metric is your closing ratio and average visitor value. For illustration, let’s say the product we are talking about is a digital product that costs $100. If for every 100 visitors you average 4 sales, your closing ratio is 4% and your average visitor value is $4/visitor.

Anyone who is selling products want to find products that produce the highest visitor value. This number dependent on a few factors. The first factor is how good the copy on the site is. The better the copy, the higher the average visitor value. If you have an inexpensive product, you need to close a lot higher percentage to get a higher visitor value.

The MOST critical element in this whole equation has to do with how well the product MATCHES the list that you have. The better the match, the more you’ll sell.

Keep these various items in mind as you consider the info products that you buy from others to sell to your list.

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