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Interconnection For Information Marketing

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I just read this sentence in an email today, “According to a recent paper by Network theorist Albert-Laszló Barabási the internet contains in excess of 14 billion pages which can all by reached by just 19 clicks or less.” Now that is truly interconnection for information marketing, if we choose to take advantage of it.

If we can be connected to anything on the web within 19 clicks (that’s how I’m interpreting the quote above) that means we have to see our opportunities to connect absolutely everywhere.  Barabási is the author of Linked, How Everything is Connected to Everything Else and What It means for Business, Science, and Everyday Life.”

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Interconnection For Information Marketing

I guess you could say that he’s written the manual on how to see the world now because we really no longer have a choice if we intend to survive and thrive. No more starving artists or writers in an attic, barely existing for the sake of their art. Nope. We have to connect to life in order to live.

Obviously, connection to our peers, clients, customers, patients, students and others in our spheres of influence is necessary. But Linked makes the point that our own sphere is simply not enough.  “As research, innovation, product development, and marketing become more and more specialized and divorced from each other, we are converging to a network economy in which strategic alliances and partnerships are the means for survival in all industries.”

Now we have to be connected to all kinds of people in industries unlike our own. That’s his point to corporations, and I believe to us all, especially if we market information online.

More from  Linked:  “These fluid alliances, which are periodically renegotiated as the marketplace shifts or the focus of the participants changes, offer a glimpse of the future of the world’s business environment.”

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