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International Search Tips For Your Info Business

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Are you marketing information to potential buyers all over the world? If so, you’ll want to check out these international search tips for your info business.

For one thing, Google is NOT the primary search engine in every country, so the SEO practices we undertake in the United States where Google prevails as the largest search engine are not 100% effective elsewhere.

Andy Atkins-Kruger posted on Search Engine Land after making a presentation at an International Search Summit in San Jose recently. Here are some of his selected take-aways:

international search

International Search Tips For Your Info Business

“Make sure your site architecture is capable of scaling to a larger number of users across longer distances as speed of content delivery is critical.”  Maile Ohye of Google

“Eli Schartz of Survey Monkey spoke particularly to methods which can be used by non-speakers of a language to undertake their own keyword research — including using Google Translate, Trends or Google Suggest, but ultimately checking the search terms with a native. He pointed out that this was only realistically possible in languages using Latin characters.”

“I highlighted the differences between the systems of the international search engines comparing match types and settings, noting that they are almost all different and inconsistent, often caused by local language requirements.”

Now, if these quotes are not completely understandable, that’s ok. What matters is that I’m getting my point across  – people in other countries do not see your landing pages, blog posts and web pages the same way.  And, sadly, they may not see them at all if their local search engines cannot find your sites.

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