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Nobody likes to think about emergency planning, but it is absolutely necessary.  As I write this blog post, 5000 homes and businesses were literally wiped off the map in Moore, Oklahoma this week, and you can be sure that there are important business assets lost in the rubble created by the 2 mile-wide, F-5 tornado that was on the ground for 45 minutes.

Is your business protected in case of emergency?  Moore, Oklahoma residents that survived the wide path of a previous F-4 tornado in 1999 may very well have put emergency business protection in place. During those years the internet developed and now cloud storage of important document is available for individuals and businesses.  Some schools had been rebuilt since the 1999 tornado, and those schools had tornado shelters that saved many lives this week.

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Is Your Business Protected In Case of Emergency?

I hope this news story is jump-starting your own thinking about protecting your physical and your digital information marketing business assets now. It is never too soon, and you cannot really over-do your preparations for what may happen in the future.

Before cloud storage, sometimes caves or underground excavations (former mining operations) were used to protect important business documents. Those facilities are still around, but digital storage has changed everything.

If you need a little help thinking through the whole process of business continuity, this PDF form may get you started. It’s a little too complicated for solo entrepreneurs, but it’s just a place to start.

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