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Is Your Info Product Website Mobile Optimized?

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Mark Simmons of Mixed Digital wants us all to understand that we had better configure our websites for mobile phones and tablets or else. In 2013 it is well-understood that more than half of all searches online will be on mobile devices, so we really have to make sure those searches can find us. Is your info product website mobile optimized?

Simmons says, “Mobile search offers the unique opportunity to connect with consumers at the moment of interest, at different times and in a geographically relevant fashion. This is an incredible opportunity that companies are just not taking advantage of… Mobile search can be used to target users by device, location and, of course, ad and keyword. Furthermore, if the phone is important to your business, click-to-call can truly drive customers directly to you.”

information marketing on mobile devices

Information Marketing on Mobile Devices

Searching the web is definitely NOT the same for users on their smart phones compared to their laptops. Simmons warns, “Take into consideration that the experience is very different on an iPhone versus an iPad.” Great.  Could it get even more complex, even faster? Probably better not hold your breath on that question just yet. Also, your topic of expertise and the particular info products you offer may not be suited to mobile search as well as regular search.

Local businesses are going to benefit immediately because mobile searches for restaurants and hotels are time-critical. A prospective plastic surgery patient, however, will most likely wait until she gets home to the privacy of her desktop or laptop so that she can read an e-book titled, Understand Your Blepharoplasty Surgery, complete with before and after photos and audio links to customer testimonials.

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Process Orders From Your Website in Just 15 Minutes!

Get a COMPLETE system to help you market your online business

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