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Joel Friedlander’s Four Roadblocks To Self-Publishing

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Yes, you can design your own e-book or hard-copy book.  Many self-published authors do it. In fact, I do it regularly. But Joel Friedlander’s four roadblocks to self-publishing make thought-provoking reading for all of us who are writing books as part of our information marketing business.

They are rejection, worry, fear and confusion. That short list constitutes the roadblocks we all face in our information marketing efforts in general, doesn’t it? Each one of those impediments to success seems to pop up when we least expect it, and take a different form than the last time it showed up.

Friedlander’s excellent little PDF provides the following advice to authors:

self publishing road blocks

Joel Friedlander’s Four Roadblocks To Self-Publishing

“Self-publishing is one of the most rewarding things you can do if you’re a writer. But when you’re thinking all these negative thoughts, you might miss the great things that can come from publishing your own book, stuff you couldn’t even imagine.”

Friedlander tells the story of his first book and how it led him to becoming a publisher and book designer. There were several twists and turns in his story, which were all part of the process of building success.

I like the point he’s making in the quote. Choosing to give rejection, worry, fear and confusion any credibility is, at the same time, choosing to waste time that could be spent on productivity.  Building up a career in any field is primarily a process of sifting through experiences to find useful truth, and being willing to continuing sifting and sifting, over and over, to keep building. The sifting process really never ends. It’s how we all move through our careers. Nobody does everything right.

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