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Just Start Your Public Speaking Career

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Just do it, that’s the best advice when it’s time to promote yourself speaking to groups in order to build your information marketing business. Just start your public speaking career in a small way and you will learn as you go along.

Of course, you can start with a boost from my expertise and that of my JV partner Avish Parashar of, or you can go it alone. But whatever you do, just get started.

Author and speaker Peter Sims posted on Harvard Business Review lately, and bravely included the actual text of a note his agent received along with the check for one of his early speaking engagements. Oh boy, it was painfully candid about his flaws as a speaker. Obviously, Sims persevered and learned from the experience, setting an example for all his readers as well.

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Start Your Public Speaking Career

Sims eventually matured as a speaker, and now he says, “As the audience came to see that I was just being me and trying to share and teach them, quirks and all, they stopped analyzing and judging me, and could just enjoy the moment. That’s how I feel at least, noting how the energy in the audience now seems to shift about a quarter or a third of the way into each event. It’s an experience for us all, not a lecture. When I can just be me, it gives the audience to just be themselves, and that human experience is what ultimately unlocks and empowers creativity, my ultimate goal.”

Now, that’s good advice.

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