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Don't wait for someone else to publish your book, DO IT YOURSELF! This program will give you all the tools to do just that. It's actually simple and easy!

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This week we had a good JV webinar on and how it can simplify your information marketing business. I am an affiliate for the site, which affiliation I am supposed to reveal every time I mention it.

My JVpartners, customers and clients are all aware that I wouldn’t encourage them or ANYONE to use a service or a product that I would not use personally.  I use this site and I promote it because it is truly key to freeing up your personal time when you’re running an information marketing business online.

Dave Hamilton has developed another new service for internet marketers now. It’s a platform for membership sites that will create a monthly revenue stream for your information marketing business.  It’s so new that you’ll need to get in touch with me to get connected in order to use it.

info marketing shopping cart tool

Web Marketing Magic

Membership sites are a great way to capitalize on the on-going interest and desire for connection that your audience wants with you. People are getting familiar with membership sites as a way to get expert advice at a fraction of the cost of personal coaching or consulting sessions. They like saving money, and you like saving time, so it works for everyone. You can post information that everybody on the membership site can see in your forum or chat room, or posted on a blog or as an article.

Do you pay monthly to participate in membership sites yourself? I do. It ‘s one way to keep current and connected to the people I follow and learn from. Your people want to do that with you, too.

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