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Karon Thackston’s Advice to Kindle Authors

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If you are marketing information on Kindle as I am, then Karon Thackston’s razor-sharp advice in two posts on The Future Of Ink should be your next stop today. Her advice to Kindle authors includes, “The bottom line when it comes to Kindle book descriptions is to write your copy so people must buy your book to satisfy their curiosity about your topic. When you do that, sales will follow.”

Sometimes I think we get distracted by attempting to CREATE curiosity, when what we should be doing is getting in front of the parade of people who are already curious and surfing for information to satisfy it. Thackston understands this concept 100%.

the future of ink - kindle

Advice to Kindle Authors

I think this suggestion is excellent – “Yes, there is an entire section just for reviews of your book. However, including at least one positive review inside the book description ensures that customers see how others feel about your work. This is especially important if you have testimonials from well-known people.”

That’s easy enough, isn’t it? It’s a simple thing to do and guarantees the attention of those surfers who only make it as far as your Kindle product description and don’t bother reading the testimonial section. Plus, you hand-select any testimonials included in your e-book or article description, unlike the free-for-all testimonials to follow.

Thackston adds, “My experience is that book descriptions that incorporate bolding, italics and bullet points work best to guide the shoppers’ eyes to the information most valuable to them.

I prefer to create my book descriptions in Amazon Author Central instead of the Kindle Direct Publishing dashboard. Author Central gives you the ability to use bold, italics, numbering and bullets freely.”

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