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Keys to Information Marketing Video Creation

Information Marketing

Anyone in the field of information marketing should consider using videos in their mix of products. The PROBLEM is that many people in the field use video because they think they should, not because it is the proper “fit.”

Whenever a client or JV partner comes to me, the first thing I do is brainstorm the possible products that customers would want to buy regarding that topic. After getting all of the topics together, the next decision is to figure out what FORMAT would be most appropriate.

I’ll consider video products IF and ONLY if it the BEST way to train others on that particular topic. My questions to answer that question will include:

1. Is the topic one that can BEST be demonstrated/explained with video?

2. Is there a video element that cannot be understood without video?

3. Will using video for the topic make learning the topic faster?

4. How easy is it for ME to use video for the topic?

5. Do the people in this niche like using video to learn?

6. Is there a good MIX of products in this niche already?

These are just some of the questions that I ask and that YOU should ask as well.

The automatic and reflexsive use of video as an information marketer is misguided. There are so many SO-CALLED gurus who are teaching people how to sell info products INCORRECTLY.

Most of these folks tend to tell their devotees to ALWAYS use video when creating products. This is BAD advice. The use of video in the field of information marketing should be done when the topic DEMANDS the use of said video.

I have someone coming to create a product with me next week. The topic that we’ll be dealing with is NOT something that needs video. Will I use video? NO. Many people in this situation would set up a video camera and record what will be an interview. They would then sell a video of two people sitting around talking to each other. Talking heads.


Unless your particular topic DEMANDS the use of video, don’t use it. Don’t just do it to say you have videos on the topic. It’s dumb!

Let’s say I had a client in the golf field. He was teaching people how to play golf. There would be a VERY good chance that MANY of the products we would create would be videos. Golf is REALLY tough to teach without the use of video.

What they refer to as INNER GOLF can be taught with audio, but much of the training needs to be DEMONSTRATED and SHOWN. This means video.

I’m not suggesting that you DON’T use video. I’m suggesting you THINK about what makes the MOST sense for your niche given market conditions.

This is something I teach at the FredInfoBootcamp!

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