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Know How Google Search Works To Market Information

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This infographic created by Google provides bedrock education for anyone who wants to know how Google search works to market information. It only takes three minutes or so and at the end you get to see how many BILLION pages were searched on the web while you were viewing it. Pretty cool.

The thing that stands out for me is this – the word “freshness.” You really can’t miss it because it’s the second thing on the list of items, at least according to this infographic. The first thing is “site and page quality.”

 info marketing search works

Know How Google Search Works To Market Information

I know hear about it all the time, but seeing it depicted graphically today really brought home the point that blogging daily, or several times a day, is really important in the “freshness factor.” I am sure that most of us are taking ‘way too long to absorb this reality of Google search because we have had static websites for so many years. But things have changed.

Producing quality content is still #1 in importance. And the determination of quality content Google uses is described as,  “… a set of signals to determine how trustworthy, reputable, or authoritative a source is. (One of these signals is PageRank, one of Google’s first algorithms, which looks at links between pages to determine their relevance.)” I’d like to see a list of those “signals,” wouldn’t you?

And “freshness” is determined as, “… the latest news and information. This includes gathering timely results when you’re searching specific dates.”

There’s no doubt about it, set-it-and-forget-it is no longer the way of the web. It’s all about staying current and relevant now

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