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Know The Territory to Market Information

Information Marketing

There has never been a time online when it was more important to know the territory to market information. The proliferation of websites and users has turned into a free-for-all that was not envisioned ‘way back when the web began.  We have to know how to navigate in order to survive and prosper.

Seth Godin blogged on this topic this week, and his images are crystal clear as he describes a river boat pilot navigating the inevitable rapids along the way:

info marketing territory

Know The Territory to Market Information

“The thing is, the captain changes his tactics constantly. He never whines. He doesn’t stop the boat and say, “wait, no fair, yesterday this rock wasn’t like this!” No, the practice of being great at shooting the rapids is a softness in choosing the right tactic, the ability to hold the tiller with confidence but not locking into it. If your pilot keeps demanding that the rapids cooperate, it’s probably time to find a new pilot.”

Confidence and flexibility in action. That’s how I would describe Godin’s river boat pilot image. And it’s the same way I describe our ideal positioning on the web now in order to market information.

Solo entrepreneurs cannot simply go out and choose another pilot for their information marketing business. So, they have to become confident and flexible.  It’s imperative. Knowing your territory and knowing how to navigate it is the best metaphor for creating information products that your target market will buy, and staying flexible enough to make course corrections whenever necessary.

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