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Have you written down a list of three types of people who would very likely have an interest in one of your favorite hobbies, such as container gardening for example?

And have you determined that a certain percentage of these interested people will have the disposable income and the inclination to pay you for what you know?

If so, congratulations! You have reached the defining moment when you are finally ready to create one or more information products.

I’m using the example of a hobby, and I happened to chose container gardening.  But it’s easy to see that everything I’m saying about determining your market in order to create and sell information products also applies to your business or professional endeavors as well.

Creating tangible and digital info products that can be sold to interested buyers is actually the easy part. Does that surprise you? This statement is surprising news to many of my clients and customers, but it is definitely true.

Creating information products

How can you figure out if they will pay for your information products?

The critical first part, the thinking that absolutely must come before writing or recording books, audios or videos is what we are exploring here.  You are thinking about the categories of people who comprise your likely and logical market, and determining whether or not these people are going to be willing to pay for your products.

So, after coming up with three types or categories of people, how can you figure out if they will pay for your information products?  There’s a great answer to this important question, and better yet – it’s free!

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