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Knowing What Millenials Expect To Market Information Now

Information Marketing

Millenials, also known as “Generation Y,” are the kids who have grown up with digital technology, and had it their entire lives. They don’t know life without an internet connection. Knowing what Millenials expect to market information now is a BIG DEAL.

Probably the most significant difference between the shopping habits of Millenials and earlier generations is that they generally have their mobile phone in hand while watching TV and also when using a laptop or tablet. Meaning, it’s a two-screen experience now, allowing them to not only multi-task, but to interact.

Cezar Kolodziej recently posted about marketing to Millenials on iMedia Connection. He says:

info marketing to gen y

Knowing What Millenials Expect To Market Information Now

“Digesting large quantities of information is no longer the norm for this audience, due to the amount of media exposure, which is typically more than seven hours per day, as reported by Pew Research.

Millennials have developed a mechanism to filter content in sound bites. With both these trends in place, there is a great opportunity to identify and deliver short bursts of content in real time to this receptive audience.”

I understand this to mean that our information marketing and also our products must be short and sweet. They must be mobile-optimized and delivered in short, bite-sized pieces, easily digestible by people who are distracted and usually on the go.

This reality doesn’t necessarily match up with other experts extolling the virtues of long content to attract search engines.  I am wondering how these two models are going to mesh. How do we provide the short bursts of information needed to satisfy Millenials if we need to put thousands of words on a web page to get traffic in the first place? I’m working on an answer to this one.

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