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Landing Page Ideas For Info Marketers

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Your landing pages are often the first place your potential clients and customers get a taste of your products and services, and get an inkling of how they can benefit from them. There are landing page platforms for info marketers in a variety of forms, but most of them have common features.

Here’s an overview provided by Pagewiz, a landing page platform used by information marketers and others wanting to use images and videos for promoting their info products:

info marketing site ideas

Landing Page Ideas For Info Marketers

“1. Standard Lead Generator
A Lead Generator landing page prompts visitors to enter contact details so that your sales team can follow up.

2. Squeeze Page Subscription
If your primary goal is to build your email marketing list, use a squeeze page subscription to add leads to your marketing funnel.

3. Click Through Page
A Click through landing page simply prompts visitors to click to a new page, which could be your own sales page, or an affiliate offer.

4. From Scratch
If you’re comfortable designing your own pages, you can easily design your landing page layout from scratch and build on Pagewiz’s powerful functionality. Note that you can customize any landing page elements such as images, videos, buttons, and even forms. Just drag and drop new elements from the left toolbar.”

These four points are good to keep in mind when you’re designing your own landing or sales pages, too. Use of images, audio, video to attract and keep the site visitor’s attention has worked well for some information marketers, and it may work for you. Getting started analyzing your existing landing pages is the first step, if you already have some in place, or building some pages to direct traffic to your websites and collect opt-in information, depending on your goal.

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