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Slow and steady wins the race in most situations. And the same can be said about acquiring knowledge. You just have to learn a little everyday to create info products on your chosen topic. You have to keep learning, but it will be a pleasure when you see how you can turn your knowledge into more than one income stream.

Sean D’Souza posted about learning in small bites on Mary Jaksch’s blog, Write To Done:

“Small portions not only help you learn, but help you learn a lot faster. Here are three core reasons why:

1.  The sleep factor.

slicing info products marketing

Learn A Little Every Day To Create Info Products

2.  The tiredness factor.

3.  The mistake factor.”

Giving our brains an opportunity to “digest” what we see and hear, and to extract the “nutrients” in the form of useful ideas is the basic reason why learning in small bites is the most effective. Stuffing ourselves with too much information is similar to the overload we’ve all experienced after a huge Thanksgiving dinner.

What happens when we eat too much? We fall asleep. It takes too much energy to continue with normal activity when our digestive system is overloaded. We cannot cope with all the input, literally.

I am not a scientist, physician or dietician, but this analogy is working for me. Trying to absorb too much information doesn’t work well for us or for our customers, for that matter. We need to build our information products in bite-sized morsels in order to satisfy our customer’s needs.  We don’t want them to fall asleep either.

Slow and steady wins the race as we create and market our products, and it helps our customers to win as well.

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