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Less May Be More on Your Info Product Website

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Dan Thies and Leslie Rhode of SEOBrainTrust are super-savvy in their area of expertise, which is world-class search engine optimization. Besides the free information on their website, I especially like this brief but powerful advice extracted from their email today:

“Question everything.  Don’t put anything on your website that doesn’t help you achieve your purpose, whether it be sales, opt-ins, or clicks.”

I’m thinking that it’s like a beautiful woman whose make-up or clothing or behavior detracts from who she is. What she has done to “fix herself up” missed the mark, and the way she is acting is not working.  Those last two sentences could apply to a LOT of websites that are missing the mark as well. And how they act is not working either.

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Less May Be More on Your Info Product Website

If you are not building your own websites and that means you are relying on a webmaster to “groom” your sites, this may be for you. Grab a friend and sit there while you click on your websites. Have the friend give completely honest feedback, and DON’T SAY A WORD.  Just listen.

Then do it again later with another friend, not someone who was there during the first feedback session. Pick others, over and over to get spontaneous feedback for you own good.

Thies and Rhode major on keeping their clients on track, which includes insisting that one website have one purpose only, be that sales, opt-ins or clicks. Don’t ask it to do more. Just build it and optimize it to accomplish one step in your information marketing system.

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