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Let’s Talk About Speaking For Information Marketers – Part 1

Information Marketing

I honestly cannot think of a better way to promote your information marketing business at the very beginning than to get in front of audiences and test your material. Naturally, that kind of speaking engagement is not likely to pay well, but you’re really not there for the money. You are there for the experience and the feedback. So, let’s talk about speaking for information marketers.

Once again, keep a sharp focus on your real goals, and of course they cannot be entirely self-serving. You must have a topic and written content that is valuable and entertaining. It doesn’t have to be funny to be entertaining, but it has to capture and hold the attention of the particular audience. If you can do that, you can start to build your contact list and get referrals and recommendations from organizations and directly from the members.

Professional Speaking as Information Marketing

Speaking For Information Marketers

If you are just building expertise in your field, and even if you are well-known as an expert already, the marketing you do in order to position yourself as an expert is critical. It’s called branding, and in your case as a speaker, it’s called expert branding.

Being seen as an expert is a little different online than offline. But your offline speaking engagements fuel your online sales, and the opposite can actually happen as well.

Your primary purpose is to get in front of people and create a perception in their minds. That perception is what drives sales of your information products and establishes the credibility and authority you need to get paid speaking engagements, too.

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