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Have you ever wondered how much time you really spend creating info products and marketing them online? One way to be sure is to log your hours in your info marketing business. I mean actually keep a hard copy notebook or a digital file that shows exactly how you spent your time, hour by hour or minute by minute.

Lawyers and mechanics do it. What’s our excuse? They do it in order to bill clients accurately, and I’m thinking it’s a great idea for us to keep track of time spent on each info product to determine profitability. What do you think?

CBS MoneyWatch analyst Laura Vanderkam has a list of reasons to get started, in case we need some inspiration.  She includes the following:

  1. Logging keeps you accountable.

    info marketing 3 second test

    Log Your Hours In Your Info Marketing Business

  2. Accountability boosts willpower.
  3. Logging makes you mindful.
  4. Metrics make you better.

That all sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? I wonder if the time lost to logging is surpassed by the activity itself.  I mean, I wonder if the behavior patterns I (we) notice will truly engender change that shows up as more time or money in the long run.

There are time management programs all over the web, and there are still trusty little Day-Timers at every Office Depot store. If we can create an Excel spreadsheet, we can manage our time with it.

Let me know what you discover and I’ll do the same. I must admit that it’s a little intimidating to think that I’ll have to stop often enough to keep track. It’s just a habit I guess.

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