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Looking Good In Your Info Product Videos

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Chances are pretty good that you are using videos made on your own webcam now. Am I correct? And, since it is generally a somewhat casual presentation it’s possible you don’t think too much about the clothing you are wearing on camera. That’s a big mistake. It’s all about looking good in your info products videos, which includes Skype and webcam shots.

It’s not that I am a fashion expert at all, but I have learned from my career in public speaking and also in my own video information products that clothing can create unnecessary distractions.  How a garment fits is surprisingly distracting if it pulls or twists or shows too much skin. And the color or pattern of fabric up around your face is absolutely critical. That’s why plain black is so popular right now. Black is easy, and you can rarely go wrong wearing it.


Looking Good In Your Info Product Videos

Plain white, on the other hand, almost always creates a glare on camera, including video. The glare is distracting, even painful to the eye. Nobody wants to stare at a painful video.

I always advise my clients and customers to wear plain colors, meaning no prints or stripes at all. Just plain colors, especially from the waist up. A light (not white) colored shirt or plain blouse is fine, with dark trousers or skirt. That’s the best recipe to dress for success when you shoot a video.

The Wall Street Journal posted an article on classic clothing styles for photos that will live forever on the web. That’s an important thing to remember… Once posted online our photos never really go away. Not ever. So, that’s another good reason to plan for simplicity and timeless style.

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