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I was watching a replay of a webinar earlier this morning. The information looked interesting, so I Googled the individual to try and find a contact number for him. I found a few websites that he owned or was associated with. What I did NOT find was his phone number.

I eventually found a phone number, which I called. A woman answered. I asked to speak to Mr. X. She told me that he was not there and in fact, that was NOT his number. I asked for his number and she told me that she wouldn’t give that out.


I was looking for a way to give this guy money, but I guess he is too important for me to be able to contact.

Tremendous business strategy here!

Now, let me make something clear. I get contacted by a lot of “nutbags” who I don’t want to talk to. BUT, by making yourself completely inaccessible, you also prevent yourself from the occasional person who can put more money in your pocket.

Here are a few of MY suggestions about how to do this right:

1. Set up a Google Voice number. Do this and you can SCREEN your calls to make sure that NO ONE can get to you DIRECTLY. I have a google voice number that I put all over my websites. When people call that number, I get an email. I can then play the message back or read the transcript that Google provides. From there, I can decide whether or not I should call the person back.

2. I have my email address available for people if they look for it. Although I HATE the amount of spam I get, I think it’s worth it to allow people to get in touch with you if they really need to.

3. I have a website, When someone Googles my name, they find me pretty easily. The site also makes it pretty easy for people to contact me.

4. Don’t be a D**K! If you act like Mr. Bigshot you may be stroking your own ego but it won’t put any money in your pocket! Sure, there will be some people who get through to you who you’d rather not talk to, BUT, you may also miss some big opportunities by doing things this way.

There you have it. Any other thoughts, ideas or suggestions??

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Process Orders From Your Website in Just 15 Minutes!

Get a COMPLETE system to help you market your online business

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