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Market Information By Increasing Your YouTube Following

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My joint venture partners Bill DeWees and Avish Parashar both excel at using YouTube for their information marketing. It has such a powerful reach, especially now that people are watching videos on their phones and their tablets ALL THE TIME.  The number of hours the average person spends watching videos per day is staggering. (No statistics here, just a comment in comparison to a few years ago. Remember video stores?)

You can market information by increasing your YouTube following in a number of ways.  Here are a few listed by Susan Gilbert on her blog:

information marketing in youtube

Market Information By Increasing Your YouTube Following

“1. Do your best to keep domain URLs and Channel names short and easy to read.
Use initial caps in your embedded links to differentiate between individual words.

2. Create “Parts” or “Chapters” if a topic is complex.  Break it down into bite-sized components that viewers can easily absorb.

3. Share your Playlists, as well as individual videos.  You can copy the URL and share it on social networks.

4. Record your Google+ Hangouts.  Share them on YouTube. (But make sure your participants are cool with this first!)

5. Display “Featured” Channels.  If someone with more visibility and you produces similar videos (especially if they complement yours, rather than duplicate and outshine them) display their Channel as a Featured Channel.

6. Keep any theme music or credits short.  YouTube recommends 5 seconds or less.

7. Use “call to action” images in your videos.

The more time you spend setting up your YouTube Channel, the better it will work for your information marketing purposes. Also, you can have more than one channel in order to offer up different content for different market segments.

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