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Did you resolve to market yourself in 2013 with your own info products? I did. But, that’s nothing new for me. I’ve focused on marketing my info products for over 20 years, and it has worked!

All our New Year’s resolutions seem to fade as the weeks go by. This year in particular I’ve noticed a wave of bloggers writing anti-resolutions to address our natural tendency to see ourselves as having failed if we don’t keep our resolutions. That’s funny, isn’t it? It just gives us permission to fail.

Now, I should clarify that last comment because it’s a two-edged sword. Nobody succeeds with everything they do. Incremental failure is part of success. That has definitely been true in my own life and in the lives of my friends and business associates.

information marketing year

Incremental failure is part of success.

Learning to walk, toddlers will fall. And the same thing happens when that toddler gets on a two-wheeled bicycle and takes off down the driveway for the first time. He will go down; that’s a given.

But the determination to get back on that bike and ride is where every success begins. If toddlers can do it, we can surely do it, too. We all need the raw determination to get back up and do it again when an apparent failure interferes with our success marketing information products online and offline, too.

The really good news is that you can tweak and repurpose your products until they garner the attention and produce the income you desire. Unlike a hardcover book, your digital books and articles can be changed again and again, until they produce the desired results for your success in 2013.

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