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Everyone has something they can sell. Really. I’m 100% certain of it. Marketing information is, to me, the best job in the world. Most small businesses have a product to sell which usually costs them quite a bit. Not true for those who market information! Most small businesses have a retail store they have to pay for and maintain. Not true for those who market information. I got into selling information products because I love the fact that I can make something for $1 and sell it for $100. Selling info products is the ideal business as far as I’m concerned. You get paid for what you know and the margins are great. Ask yourself what you know and you’re on the way to finding a great information product that you can sell. Can’t come up with anything. You can always find an info product that you like and sell it as an affiliate. I’ve got people selling some of my info products who are doing very well. Either way, I encourage you to get into this business. Selling information is the best business to be in.

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