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Marketing Information On Changing Platforms

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Marketing information with changing platforms, on the web and on stages in front of real audiences requires flexibility. Your basic message may not change, but your presentation will change to accommodate the location and the particular audience.  Developing sensitivity is the quality we all need to have professional flexibility as a speaker and a writer on the web.

Wayne Newton is 70 years old now, and Mr. Las Vegas is still touring and performing to enthusiastic crowds. I heard a story that explains his enduring success.  It doesn’t matter whether you like Wayne Newton’s singing or not; his flexibility on stage is his real secret.

info marketing changing platforms

Marketing Information On Changing Platforms

Newton has a well-honed medley he uses to introduce his performances, so he’s able to hear how loud and how long the audience applauds to each snippet of a song. The reaction tells him which set to perform for that particular audience, whether he’s in Vegas or on tour. Naturally, his band knows the drill, too. Now that’s a perfect picture of the flexibility I’m talking about, and we can all take a cue from him when we are marketing information.

Speaking from different platforms to different live audiences is pretty easy to grasp, and the need for flexibility is obvious. But it’s more subtle on the web. Facebook , Twitter and Google are demonstrating distinct course corrections in their continuing efforts to generate more advertising revenue. The way we show up on each platform has to change now that we can’t really straddle the fence anymore.

We can’t pretend that our interaction with “friends” is just social because it’s not. It’s about our information marketing, and it had better be intentional, focused attention to build our businesses.

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