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Marketing Your Info Products to Millenials

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Bonnie Fuller posted on Ad Age Blogs this week, and her comments regarding the online shopping habits of the generation of people born between 1982 and 2004, called millenials, give me the impression that we had all better sit up and take notice. Are you thinking clearly about marketing your info products to millenials?

Fuller lays in on the line quite plainly when she says, “Among other things, baby-boomer marketers need to accept the fact that millennials have not inherited their parents’ love for the “touch” of paper. They do not naturally go gaga over double-page spreads of either editorial or advertising in magazines. They do not feel compelled to seek their fashion and beauty direction from the magazines that served as bibles for older generations.

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Marketing Your Info Products to Millenials

Nor do millennials feel the need to park themselves in front of a TV at the time appointed for their favorite show, or even to watch TV on a TV at all.

Millennials spend a huge amount of their lives online: on smartphones (59%), on tablets (35%) and on their laptops (70%).”

Maybe it’s revealing my own age a bit, but I don’t think it’s a coincidence that younger people are so fond of their small screens, and older people prefer larger ones. Yes, I know, that’s a big generalization, and of course we can always change the font size!

Concluding her post, Fuller forecasts,” Clearly, millennial consumers are way ahead of the marketers, who should be laser-focused on winning them over to their brands and gaining their loyalty.

And that creates an opportunity. The CMOs who decide to all-out embrace digital advertising in order to “own” millennials will end up being huge winners.”

Building mobile and responsive landing pages and websites is the first step to getting ahead of other information marketers and scooping up the traffic and the dollars that millenials are eager to spend.

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