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Marketing Yourself With A Press Kit

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I still call them “press kits” even though most media is digital these days, and not reliant on a printing press at all. That’s where the term originates, from the days when newspapers were the primary source of current information, and they were hot off the press each day.  My, my, how things have changed…

Sometimes called media kits or marketing packets, press kits are all the information needed by any form of media that might need it to promote you, your business or your event. It’s all the facts, located in one convenient location, making it much easier to find and to use.

Business coach Suzanne Evans posted a list of must-haves, and she calls it a Marketing Survival Packet:

info marketing press kit

Marketing Yourself With A Press Kit

“In your Marketing Survival Packet you need 4 things:

2 Versions of your headshots

2 Versions of your biography

2 Versions of your logo

Logo Guidelines

Her descriptions are concise and excellent, and her main point is well taken because you won’t know whether any particular media outlet will need a large or small photo, or a short or long version of your biography, etc.  Making sure you provide options will make it much more likely that you and your information products will get the publicity you need, and at the right time.

Assuming you have a logo for branding purposes, it should be included for use online and also for offline printing. Those are two entirely different formats, hence the need for both.

Making life easier for a journalist or a public relations department will pay you back, so be sure to think ahead in order to help them out when the time comes to provide your photo and bio.

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