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Matt McGee on Building A Blog To Build Your Business

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In a recent post by Matt McGee on Building A Blog To Build Your Business, he listed several  points and provided quite a few links to additional content. It’s a keeper.  I’d like to comment on a one of his points in my post today, because I don’t necessarily agree with it, at least not for everyone who is choosing to get started blogging.

McGee’s first point concerns ownership of a blog. This is a very important point, and I don’t completely disagree when he writes, “A great blog is hosted on your own servers and uses your domain. Blogs are valuable because they are owned content offering perpetual equity. Thus, a great blog isn’t hosted on or — you don’t own those domains, and the equity you’re building belongs to some other company.”

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First of all, getting started with a blog is better than NOT getting started, and it’s a whole lot easier and cheaper to start on the platforms he mentioned. Not every information marketer is in a financial or technical position to host on self-owned servers.  You can always migrate your blog from a free platform eventually, because your content is yours to control.

I know that WordPress and Blogger have limitations, but the cost and constraints of setting up your own server throws up huge roadblocks, too. It can be overwhelming for people who are not technically-inclined or without technical support for their information marketing business. My own suggestion is to get your info product blog started and then move in the direction of self-hosting when the time is right.

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