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Measurement And Your Info Products Business

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Measurement and your info products business are topics that should go hand-in-hand on a daily basis. One of my favorite expressions is, “Measurement eliminates argument.” I rely on the data I collect about visitor and buyer behavior on all my websites, as well as my bulk email campaigns. Nobody can afford to ignore statistics on the performance of websites and email campaigns any more.

Target Marketing has put together a group of folks that are well-equipped to offer advice on the subject of data collected on your sites, and they are hosting a webinar on February 20, 2013, which will be available as a recording for three months following the live presentation. This might be a good time to get up to speed on:

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Measurement And Your Info Products Business

  1. How to collect and interpret customer and customer experience data to provide actionable marketing insights;
  2. How to find and remove barriers in your customer’s buying journey;
  3. What your website data says about the user experience and how to optimize it; and
  4. What your email data says about your email campaigns and how to make them more effective.

Thorin McGee, Editor at Target Marketing, says, “Customers may be the most important business partner you have. Understanding what they want and why they are or are not buying is key to your marketing success, especially in direct marketing and online marketing, where many customers may not have a personal interaction with any representatives of your company.”

Whether or not you catch the webinar live or watch the recording, you can benefit by looking at the four points above and asking yourself if you have a system in place to get and use that information to build your information marketing business.

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