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Mobile Sales of Info Products

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Marin Software conducted a survey on global search marketing, and Susan Kuchinskas wrote about it in a recent ClickZ post. If you are curious about mobile sales of info products then these statistics on mobile sales in general are instructive:

“The State of Mobile Search Around the Globe 2013, an annual report, analyzes more than $4 billion in paid search spend by brands and advertisers in 13 countries. Most of Marin’s clients are large advertisers spending more than $100,000 per month on paid search…

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Mobile Sales of Info Products

Conversion rates for smartphones were lower than for tablets and desktops, while conversions on tablet devices improved 31 percent in 2012, compared to 9 percent for smartphones and 7 percent for computers. Marin noted, however, that many smartphone conversions likely take place in physical stores, as consumers search for products or locations on their phones before traveling to the store to buy.”

What does all this mean to those of us marketing information on the web with much less than $100,000 per month to spend on paid search (if any)? It means our websites, landing pages and info products should be mobile friendly, for one thing. And in my opinion, it also means that tablets are the place we are going to be making a growing percentage of our sales.

Optimizing our information marketing sites for tablet devices (now available in a variety of sizes) requires a platform that adjusts for each specific type of device on demand. Yes, it has become incredibly complicated, but it also offers mind-boggling potential for sales conversions if Marin’s statistics are applicable to our businesses.

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