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More Browsing, Fewer Sales Online Now

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As usual, Seth Godin’s thinking is ‘way ahead of the pack. This week he wrote a blog post on how there is a whole lot more browsing but there are fewer sales, in comparison now. I know that sounds unrealistic at first, but here’s Godin’s logical explanation:

“Over the last ten years, the amount that we buy online has gone up. So have the number of ads we click on every day. We’re all clicking around, browsing and sometimes buying.

But, while these interactions and transactions have been growing, the amount of time we spend online and the number of pages we visit have gone up dramatically faster…

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More Browsing, Fewer Sales Online Now

Do the math. More time, more pages, not nearly so much more in the way of transaction…

There’s a whole lot of people spending a lot of time browsing, not taking action.”

How much time do you spend browsing compared to the amount of time you spend buying things online? That should bring Godin’s comments home pretty quickly. Those of us who are comfortable shopping online are still spending far more time surfing around for information and entertainment than putting in our credit card numbers to make purchases. True?

He compares this behavior to window shopping on the street or in a mall. And he reminds us of what we all say when approached by an unwanted salesperson, “I’m just looking, thanks.”  We do NOT want to be bothered by sales messages, no matter how helpful. And he sums up the situation by saying, “More pageviews to make a transaction is the norm, like it or not.”

You may not be banking 100% on the internet to build your information marketing business, but to the extent you are doing so, this behavioral perspective may interest you now.

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