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Ian Brodie is conducting an experiment to see how he can get more info product website traffic, and he is sharing the results on his blog. Some of his comments are instructive because he is testing and studying the results on various sites:

Pay Per Click – I’ve used Google Adwords search ads before primarily to test landing pages and offers. But optin rates have been decent (up to 20%) and so it’s an option. I’ve not tried Adwords display ads but know others who’ve has success with them. Linkedin and Facebook pay per click have never been super effective for me – with costs per optin usually double or more the cost on adwords.”

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More Info Product Website Traffic

Well, that’s interesting, isn’t it? Brodie works with coaches and other professionals so it would make sense that LinkedIn might be the best place to connect with professionals. But that is not his experience.

To tell you the truth, it’s not my experience either. I don’t spend much time trying to get more traffic to my information marketing websites by using LinkedIn. I also agree with Brodie on the following:

“Webinars – a big winner for me. I’ve always found that webinars have got a decent number of optins – even when I just promoted them myself via my blog and social media. For some reason some people who don’t want to opt in to get a free report will do so to register for a webinar. “

Yup, that’s a fact. Good to hear confirmation of my own experience, as well as the joint venture partners with whom I work on a weekly basis. Webinars are without a doubt our best source of optins for new clients and customers.

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