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More Than One Kind of Trust for Information Marketing

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Think about people you trust, brands you trust, and maybe even the TV news or online news source you trust the most. Have you ever given any thought to WHY you trust some sources and not others? There is more than one kind of trust for information marketing purposes, and a good place to start when you’re starting to consider this important topic is looking at how your own trust in others begins.

I’m suggesting that you pay attention when you come across other people on the web and in person. Take a few moments to notice how you’re feeling inside and rate your trust level from 1 to 10. Just try it.

Watching your own behavior will give you some important clues to how others are rating you, literally or subtly.  Then you’ll be better prepared to do what Lee Frederickson, co-author of Online Marketing For Professional Services is describing:

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More Than One Kind of Trust for Information Marketing

“You have to have different content that’s appropriate for the different stages of the buying process. [You need] content for people who are just thinking about an issue…all the way to those who are at the final selection process… You want to help buyers understand options, help them select approaches that make sense for them, and help them implement those approaches…”

Frederickson is advising that our internet marketing content speak to potential buyers in different ways, depending on where they are at any point in time. That’s how we build trust in an incremental way.  But knowing what stage a prospect is in at any particular time may not be easy to determine.

Use of an autoresponder can certainly help determine whether a contact has a continuing interest in you and your products because you have access to stats as to whether your marketing emails are opened and whether you are getting  unsubscribes.

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