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I have written several books and I am often hired as a speaker. I am able to sell physical books as a result of my paid speaking engagements, as well as my own boot camps and webinars. You could say I have several platforms where people can see and hear me in order to decide whether to purchase one or more of my books. My books on information marketing and your own book may have some things in common in this regard.

You will ALWAYS be the best salesperson for your own book. If you think that links posted online or even an Amazon listing is going to be enough to sell a lot of books, think again. Successful authors these days are generally already successful at something else. They sell books because they have some expertise or notoriety in the first place, and that’s what makes people buy their books.

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Information Marketing and Your Own Book

There are ‘way too many books on the market now, so you may very well find out that your speaking engagements and other in-person events will turn out to be your best venues for selling books, too.

Now, don’t get the idea that I am discouraging you from writing a book or an e-book if you are not well-known already. No, that is not my point. I am saying that you have to see your books as tools to promote yourself when you are in the information marketing business.

But if you are in the author business, such as a fiction writer for example, then you can focus on cranking out more books and building an audience primarily by blogging and social media.

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