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Native Advertising For Information Marketing – Part 2

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Ari Jacoby posted last December on Ad Age Digital, and his comments on the subject of native advertising go right along with Rebecca Lieb’s comments I posted in my Part 1 of Native Advertising for Information Marketers.

Jacoby explains, “The term springs from the Latin word nativus – to be born into something. Its first definition in my dictionary is ‘existing in or belonging by nature.’  Which, in my view, is a good talking point for where native advertising needs to go from here. ..

Done well, it can be a lot less intrusive than traditional advertising. Done less well, it can be hard to differentiate from advertorials and blatant incentives.“

info marketing native advertising

Native Advertising For Information Marketing

Jacoby seems to be saying that an article is an integral part of an online news source, and therefore distinct from an advertisement. But the question is, “how distinct?” The goal of native advertising articles is to get attention and eventually sell something. How is that different from advertising?

Naturally, your goal and mine would be to write an article or blog post on our information marketing topic that inspires people to buy our books or contact us for a consultation.  Nothing wrong with that. But if we are not posting as a guest or as a paid writer, and in fact we are paying for the privilege of publication, what is the ethical difference?  Is there an ethical difference?

Native advertising is a big subject that you may not have considered in the course of your internet marketing activities, but now may be the time to consider it. Gaining the attention of a huge audience can catapult you and your expertise onto the world stage very quickly.

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