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Need A Literary Agent To Market Information?

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Have you ever wondered if you need a literary agent to market information?

Porter Anderson posted on Jane Friedman’s blog this week, regarding comments on the status of some adversarial tweeting that went on at a writers’ conference lately:

“Contrary to the comments you’ll hear at times about agents being relics of Old Publishing, some of us believe this sector of the industry can and should be a crucial part of many authors’ success in the future. Probably, the profession is evolving—in some shops already has evolved—to a role that looks more like a career manager than an old-style manuscript broker.”

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Need A Literary Agent To Market Information?

I am sharing this insider’s view of traditional book publishing because a real book may very likely be part of your future information marketing empire. In paperback or hardback, a book represents you in an authoritative manner, and it may serve your particular business needs perfectly.

Especially for professionals with practices and client bases filling their calendars, a traditionally-published book makes sense. And that having a literary agent to represent you also becomes a consideration. Naturally, most people won’t need an agent because they will probably self-publish. But some will enter the world of traditional publishing where an agent becomes a necessity.

In reality, all authors are information marketers today. I mean, they are marketing themselves and they are marketing their books. Anderson quoted author Barbara O’Neal  in his post, too:

“Working writers are under a lot of pressure these days to produce, keep producing, produce more—and also keep up with their blogs(s), Tweet, post to Facebook, maintain a mailing list and newsletter, and show up at any writer’s conference that asks, because you can’t miss a single sale. It’s exhausting to even write it all down.”

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