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New E-book Platform for Techie Types

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I am ‘way behind the curve as far as all the various platforms for digital self-publishing now. There are just too many now. Here’s a new e-book platform for techie types, and you might want to explore it if you are more technologically inclined than most.

Dennis Abrams’ post explains some of the advantages of the new Kbuuk:

“According to Dougal Cameron, the company’s co-founder and chief operating officer, Kbuuk can convert an author’s Word document into an ebook using proprietary software “that is superior to other translation software and is almost instantaneous.”

info marketing new ebook platform

New E-book Platform for Techie Types

The company then puts the book up for sale on its own website, which is hosted on a cloud computing service owned by Amazon. The books are also posted on Amazon in addition to Barnes & Noble and Kobo.”

But that’s not all. The real motive behind this new company’s methods of operation is to host author websites so that the self-published books will sell. They are the publisher and the web hosting company wrapped into one package.  Considering the fact that information marketers need e-books and websites, it might turn out to be a pretty good deal.

Kbuuk takes 20% from sales off its website, but nothing from sales through other channels. The company believes that its real revenue source will come from the software and services they have designed to help authors and publishers ‘build a website that captures reader hits and creates a base of potential buyers that can be tapped over and over.”

Please comment if you have had any experience with Kbuuk so we can all benefit from what you’ve learned.

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