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NON Monetary Benefits of Selling Info Products

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When you’re in the information marketing business, not EVERY benefit is monetary. On a recent trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico to visit my JV partner, Bill O’Hanlon I was reminded of this fact.

While we were out at a spa for a little R&R, we bumped into the editor of one of the city’s most popular free magazines. It’s called the SantaFe OneHeart.

As a movie buff, I’ve always wanted to write movie reviews. After telling the editor of the publication what I did, I then pitched him on using me as a movie reviewer. He said he would be glad to read one if I sent it over. If it passes his test, he would publish it and I’d have a REGULAR monthly gig.

Any cash involved? NOPE! None expected. They have a circulation of around 8,000 and are making a few bucks, but certainly not enough. They have been in business for 18 months now and are doing a little better than break-even.

I’ll be writing the review about a movie I just saw a couple of nights back called “Catfish”. I recommend it.

Why do this?

First off, I love movies and it won’t feel like work. A number of years back I went on a MOVIE Cruise with Ebert and Roeper. I had a great time. Also, after doing reviews for this publication, I could get PRESS CREDENTIALS.

What does that mean? Access to movie junkets!!! The possibility of interviewing actors, writers, directors and producers. YEAH!

Also, if I do a good job I MAY be able to get picked up by other outlets who want to use my reviews.

Money is the LAST thing on my mind in this instance.

BUT, it all started because of a conversation that revolved around my business of marketing and selling info products.

I’ll keep you posted!

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