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For the past few years, I have not been an active participant with other “traditional” gurus in the information marketing business. The reason for this is pretty simple. I had gotten fed up with all of the various scams and shenanigans that most of them were involved with.

So, I decided to DO MY OWN THING.

Rather than attend some marketing cruise, or speak at some sell-fest that someone was having, I instead spent my time studying what really works for me and my clients.

There have been pluses and minuses to my approach.

As a result of my time spent on my own, I’ve learned what REALLY works and what doesn’t when it comes to selling info products. I’ve also gained a number of new clients that I have partnered with. Both of these have been incredibly important to the ongoing, long-term success of my business.

What have I lost by not being surrounded by the regular cadre of info marketers? Primarily it’s been ACCESS to their LISTS. The net result is that I’m having to do it all myself. When I have a product or person to promote, I can’t go to 10 or 12 other marketers who will promote my products sight unseen.

Instead, I have to grind it out.

Don’t get me wrong. This has been MY choice. I would frankly prefer to do things this way than get caught up with a crowd that very often operates on the VERY edge of the law. MANY of them going over it.

You see . . . my highest value is staying out of jail. I would much rather make a few dollars less and not be roommates with BUBBA. Just not my thing.

I used to hang out with “the group.” After personally seeing a number of crazy things happen, and then hearing stories from customers about some others, I decided to go it alone.

YOU may have to make the same choice at some point.

I know two or three VERY high profile information marketers who purport to have very high moral and ethical values who regularly do business with folks whose business practices are SHAKEY, to say the least. Somehow, these folks justify doing business with unethical folks.

Why? How can they justify it?

In the final analysis, it comes down to MONEY. VERY few people will turn down cash. No matter how high they claim their ethical standards to be.

YOU may have to make a decision at some point in your business career about some of these same issues. For me, I decided to go it alone and make sure that I wasn’t doing anything, with anyone, that would make me UNCOMFORTABLE.

The net result is I have a VERY small group of colleagues I know and trust.

There are folks who up until a year ago I felt comfortable recommending, that I now no longer do. Some big names. Some old friends. It’s kinda sad. But then again, money changes people.

Will it change you? Has it changed you?

You want a list of people who I feel comfortable with? I’ll be doing a series of posts about them shortly. Some will be vendors. Some will be clients. All will be friends. I look forward to profiling some of their stories in the days and weeks ahead.

Stay tuned!!

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